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Kalu Kudu (Spice Mix) - Exclusive to Ceylon 35!

Kalu Kudu (Spice Mix) - Exclusive to Ceylon 35!

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Kalu Kudu (Spice Mix) - Exclusive to Ceylon 35!

Why is it exclusive to Ceylon 35?

This is Ayeha's Achcha's (Grandma's) secret recipe and that's why it's exclusive to us. It has been passed to her by her mum and this recipe has been handed down through generations. Nine Ceylon top-quality spices dry-roasted together to get the aromas and the flavours out to create a magnificent blend. In Sri Lanka, we call it "KALU KUDU" and the direct translation is Black Powder. It gets its black colour from the long dry-roasting process. There are many variations to this in Sri Lankan kitchens and these are very unique to each family. 

Country of origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Ingredients: Ceylon Cumin seeds, Ceylon Cinnamon stick, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Fennel seeds, Ceylon Coriander seeds, Ceylon Chilli powder, Ceylon Turmeric powder, Ceylon Curry leaves and Ceylon Rampe leaves.

Suggested use: We use this as a flavour enhancer. Sprinkle over any curry just before done with cooking and stir. Great with the veggie dishes too. It is a very versatile spice blend that goes well with any dish. 

Allergies: Produced in premises that handle gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soy and peanuts

Storage: Keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight. 


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